Who is ryjo?

Ry Jones is a nocturnally-activated generalist with a healthy obsessive-compulsive passion for chasing the muse and doing what needs to get done. He’s been channeling this energy into freestyle freelancing for diverse clients around the world since 2008.

Due to a somewhat unconventional background (see backstory), ryjo guarantees an unparalleled collaborative experience by providing clients with unique solutions through custom-tailored strategies, a slightly obsessive attention to detail, and a bit of creative telepathy.


After graduating into the Great Recession with little professional experience and a lot of student debt, Ry decided to roll the dice instead of living the nightowl’s waking nightmare of a 9-5 gig. He sold his stuff and moved abroad with no contacts, few personal belongings, and much determination. Within a month of arriving in Asia, he was edutaining by day and designing at night.

Over the years he’s learned how enriching and fulfilling cross-cultural immersion can be, and cherishes the privileged opportunity to experience different perspectives while collaborating with a wide spectrum of people on interesting, progressive, and/or altruistic projects.

Living abroad as a self-styled remote freelancer has always felt like the most natural setting to expand his creative repertoire and he’s quite content to continue this journey, endeavoring after new horizons and challenges.

When not solving for X or writing intentionally campy bios in 3rd person because he hates this sort of thing, he’s probably at a park or trying to keep the to-do list from getting longer. He’d love for you to contact him.

Can you do X?

Most likely! Delivering whatever’s needed has long been the status quo, even if it’s something I have no previous experience doing (yet). To date this has included:

Cover art
Web design
Web admin
Zine Layout
Event posters
Video editing
Motion graphics
Social media assets
App Design (UX/UI)
Marketing collateral
Educational materials
(3D + VR coming soon!)

How much would X cost?

Pricing is handled on a case-by-case basis, but is generally based on project scope (extent of conceptual exploration + complexity of solution) and time window for delivery.

I’ve worked with a wide spectrum of variables and consultation is always free, so please get in touch for an estimate.

What’s your process?

Much like cost, strategic approach is dictated by project variables specific to each client, but I (loosely) adhere to the standard creative blueprint:

  • Outline wants and needs
  • Define objectives & principles
  • Develop ideas & concepts
  • Iterate & deliver

Though this conventional road map provides the structure to keep your project on track, we’re not rigid route followers around here because this is not an operation concerned with quantity or what’s next. We’re intent on working as efficiently as possible, but we do appreciate the exploratory value of the scenic route.

Whether your project takes 1 hour or 100-plus, the aim is to make it an enjoyable, collaborative journey. Although we’re always keeping an eye on the progress and destination (aka the end product that you couldn’t be happier with), we’re ever ready to modify the itinerary to suit your schedule as needed, on the fly.

For that reason, every approach is ultimately an agile one, anticipating and accommodating your needs as they shift, and allowing the best solutions to bloom organically. We’re not satisfied with a satisfactory – we want your creative adventure to be an excellent one!

Where are you based?

Current whereabouts are subject to change, but I am anywhere you need me to be via email, chat, or video call so let’s talk.